Face-to-Face Calls: Still the Most Important Element

By Anthony Kalogeridis

Welcome to my new blog. We launched our newly redesigned website about a week ago, and this blog is my opportunity to share advertising strategies that will work for you.

My first thoughts were, what should I write about and how long should my blog be? The answer came that I should write about something that I know very well, and it should not be too long because people do not have much time to read these days with some much information pouring to them from so many different directions.

So I will be writing about advertising sales strategies and tips that I have learned and practiced over the years. They are going to be short and to the point so you can get the idea and move on to the next item on your list. So let’s start with the most important element of a successful advertising sales strategy:

Face to Face Calls

I have been involved in media ad sales for more than 17 years, and I can truthfully say that each time I get in front of a potential client I almost always walk away with some business. More importantly today, with so much interaction taking place online, remember to get in front of your clients at least twice a year. It is still true that people buy from people. So building a relationship with your client will prove beneficial now and in the long term.

Also remember to go back and see them after closing the sale. Use your follow up visit to say thank you, make sure they are satisfied, and find out what is going on with their business.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and you are welcome to come back for more ad sales strategies and tips.

Anthony Kalogeridis is director of sales for ARION Media Services.

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